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Warmly Celebrate the TIMYEE 2023 Award Ceremony and 2024 Work Mobilization Conference Held Grandly


On March 4th,2024,Timyee Pharmaceutical Group Corporation"Share Gratitude,Dream Sailing"2023 Award Ceremony and 2024 Work Mobilization Conference was held in Tongchuan Building.The meeting comprehensively reviewed and summarized the work performance and problems in 2023,commended the advanced groups and advanced individuals;deployed the main strategic lines and work objectives in 2024;mobilized and inspired all employees to unify their thoughts and work hard for the full completion of the objectives and tasks!

The conference was presided over by Deng Junhong,Director of Human Resource Administration and Operation Center of the company.

At 9:30 a.m.,the meeting was opened in the solemn national anthem and the stirring song of the Division,and all the participants read the company's oath;after that,all the employees,through the video playback,reminisced and recalled the difficult years during the epidemic and the brilliant scenes of the 30th anniversary of the company's founding and the seminar on the development strategy held in 2023!

During the meeting,Qiang Yiming,the executive vice president of the TIMYEE,delivered a significant speech on'collaboratively shaping a promising future for TIMYEE.'He thoroughly analyzed the current state of the pharmaceutical industry and highlighted the challenges we face by considering data,industry policies,and other perspectives.Mr.Qiang emphasized that there exists a substantial disparity between our organization and peer enterprises while proposing that transformation,upgrading,and innovative development are imperative for our future growth.Furthermore,he expressed his hope for all stakeholders to approach this new starting point with unwavering enthusiasm and a proactive mindset.

Wang Shu,General Manager,made an important speech"Work hard and innovate into the future".He reviewed the achievements and performance of the company in 2023,and proposed that in 2024,we will focus on the pharmaceutical sector,develop the big health sector,march towards the international development road,and make every effort to build the company into an international big health enterprise.

Chen Haishen,Director of Production Technology Center,introduced the situation of the company's Singapore production base,future production capacity and development potential to the participants,which encouraged all the staff.

On behalf of the company,Deng Junhong,Director of Human Resource Administration and Operation Center,read out the"Decision on Commending Advanced Groups and Individuals in 2023".Awarded"Advanced Group"to Solid Workshop Packaging Team of Production Technology Center,"Top Salesman"to Li Lin,"Sales Star"to Shu Xiaogang,"Excellent Employee"to Qu Qiunyan and 30 other employees."Excellent Employee",Zhang Xiuxia and 16 other employees"Model Teacher",in recognition of their excellent teamwork and spirit of hard work shown in the past year.

The award-winning representatives went on stage to deliver their acceptance speeches,saying that they would continue to make progress with the company with a grateful heart and full of enthusiasm!And I wish the company to prosper and have a better tomorrow!

The meeting was successfully closed with beautiful and passionate music!All staff attended the luncheon and raised their glasses together to celebrate our thriving business and further development!

After the luncheon,all the staff went to Tongchuan Branch for a visit.Sun Siqiu,Deputy General Manager of Tongchuan Branch,introduced the construction process of Tongchuan Branch since its establishment,its modern facilities and equipments as well as its current star status in Tongchuan City.Everyone expressed to work hard together with full enthusiasm and positive mindset to realize the new goal of 2024!

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From November 19 to 20, 2023, Timyee Pharmaceutical Group Corporation 30th Anniversary and Development Strategy Seminar was successfully held in Tongchuan, where the spirit of revolution has been passed down and the culture of the King of Medicine has a long history. With the theme of "Work together to solve dilemma, innovate for win-win results", the conference celebrated the 30th anniversary, reviewed the development history of the enterprise, promoted the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, and discussed the strategic planning for the future development of the health industry.


President Li Dazhi of Malaysia KL International Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited the company

President Li Dazhi of Malaysia KL International Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited the company