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Sinopharm Future(Xi'an) Food Health Industry Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise initiated by Timyee Pharmaceutical Group Corporation and jointly established by Timyee Health Technology Co., Ltd. and the team of Sinopharm Light (Chengdu) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the team of Food Molecular Nutrition of Northwest A&F University, which is committed to the research and development of the future food, design, supply chain management and the scientific and technological realization of series of products.

The company focuses on the core of healthy life industry, relying on the cutting-edge scientific research results of universities, advanced modern production technology, a strong full chain supply chain system, mature commercial operation mode and practical experience, to create a young team, innovation and personalization, efficiency and speed, quality and standardization of the industry's future health product suppliers.



The R&D expert team of Sinopharm Future is formed by 12 PhDs, with "food molecular nutrition and health innovation" as the research direction, and is committed to carrying out in-depth research on the nutritional functions of food (agricultural products and food); focusing on solving the health problems of excessive intake of high-calorie food (oil and fat, etc.) in the population.

PhD Liu Xuebo, the chief R&D scientist of Sinopharm Future, leads an innovative team, which has focused on the research and development of functional foods for many years. For the problem of dietary supplementation of modern people, it has subdivided into several series of products such as middle-aged and old-aged health, children/adolescent health, women's health, men's health, comprehensive nutritional care, etc., and constructed a whole ecological chain covering health foods, scientific conditioning, precise health care, and health care as an integral whole. It has built a whole ecological chain covering health food, scientific conditioning, precise health care, and health maintenance, and has created a business platform for the health industry while providing consumers with "one-stop" precise health services.


PhD Liu Xuebo

Doctoral supervisor / Chief R&D Scientist

- Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Food Science and Engineering, Northwest A&F University
- Leading Talents in the National “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”
- Leading Talents in the Youth Science and Technology Innovation Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the “New Century Excellent Talents Program” of the Ministry of Education
- Deputy Leader of the Expert Group on the Preparation of the Special Guidelines for Food Nutrition and Safety in the 14th Five Year Plan
- Leader in the preparation of the “Food Precision Nutrition and Health” guide



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Master’s Supervisor


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First Prize of Shanxi Higher Education Science and Technology Award