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How to maintain health and regulate the body in autumn


In general, in autumn, one can regulate their body by going to bed and waking up early, drinking plenty of water, and supplementing lung nourishing foods appropriately. The specific analysis is as follows:
1. Early to bed and early to rise: In autumn, the climate changes quickly and the sun sets early. The movement of the human body should adapt to the season, and it is necessary to maintain mental tranquility as much as possible, so that the Qi of the five internal organs can adapt to the weather of autumn.
2. Drink plenty of water: In autumn, dry weather can easily cause problems such as colds, lung heat, and rough skin. You can drink plenty of warm water to promote metabolism and keep the body warm and moist. The amount of water you drink should not be too much each time, and you should drink small amounts of water multiple times.
3. Appropriate supplementation of lung nourishing foods: Autumn is a season of cold and heat exchange, which is prone to lung fire. In this season, it is necessary to supplement lung nourishing foods such as pears, tremella, yams, pig trotters, etc. to achieve the goal of reducing heat and dryness.
In addition, in autumn, one can also regulate their body through foot soaking, moxibustion, massage, moderate exercise, and other methods. It is best to choose a suitable way to regulate according to one's own body characteristics under the guidance of a doctor.





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President Li Dazhi of Malaysia KL International Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited the company