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How to take care of your body in summer


In summer, one can maintain their body by exercising, eating, and living regularly.
1. Sports
In summer, running can be done appropriately to exercise and improve resistance. The temperature is relatively high in summer, and it is recommended to exercise in the morning or evening. The best exercise method to choose is to have a low intensity and sweat slightly. Excessive sweating is not allowed, and attention should be paid to replenishing water after exercise.
2. Diet
In summer, the weather is hot, and the diet should be light. You can eat more mung bean Congee, stir fried balsam pear, etc., to help prevent heatstroke. Don't eat too much cold food in summer, as eating too much cold food can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort. It is recommended to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat more protein rich foods such as eggs and milk to enhance resistance.
3. Regular living habits
In summer, it is advisable to stay up late and wake up early, follow natural laws, maintain sufficient sleep, and try to avoid staying up late. The living environment should be well ventilated and avoid dark and humid areas. Due to the hot summer heat, external steaming can cause sweating and open pores, making it easy to catch a cold. Prolonged blowing may cause headaches, lumbar muscle strain, facial numbness, or muscle soreness. Also, pay attention to keeping warm, do not blow the air conditioning too much, and the temperature when turning on the air conditioning in summer must not be too low to avoid causing physical discomfort.

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President Li Dazhi of Malaysia KL International Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited the company